Premium Rate Services Switzerland

Important changes become effective on April 1st, 2007смотреть все

Important information

Amendment concerning 0800, 0810 & 0820!смотреть все


Amendment concerning Austrian 0800, 0810 and 0820 numbersсмотреть все

KEM-V amendment Austria

Amendment of the KEM-V will become effective shortly!смотреть все

0180 change in tariff

Changes of caller rates at the German 0180 enter into force in January, 1st 2007.смотреть все

CallCenter World 2006

We are on CallCenter World 2006 in Berlin!смотреть все

0900 accessible from E-Plus

In Germany 0900 service numbers can be reached also from E-Plus nowсмотреть все

One service number for 38 countries

UIFN 00800 - now available in 38 countries!смотреть все

0900 number will replace 0190

Switch-Over from 0190 to 0900 in Germanyсмотреть все

telequest introduces VoIP products

VoIP solutions for your service call and premium rate numbersсмотреть все

New countries for Premium SMS/MMS

PremiumSMS is available in: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republik, Hungary,...смотреть все

telequest Website Relaunch

New design for telequest website!смотреть все

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