0900 number will replace 0190

The simultaneous handling of 0190 and 0900 premium rate numbers will be ceased by December, 31st 2005. From then all 0190 Hotlines will be switched off. All services, which are temporarily active under this number range, have to be migrated or activated newly.

Unlike the old 0190 numbers the new 0900 numbers are not reachable from all mobile networks. Instead, they allow miscellaneous business models.

Therefore the german regulator of telecommunication (Reg TP) has cut the 0900 number range into four areas.

  • 0900-1 for information services
  • 0900-3 for entertainment (non erotic)
  • 0900-5 for other services
  • 0900-9 for internet dialer using premium rate numbers

The service provider can only offer those services with the following restrictions:

  • A maximum customer caller rate of ? 2,00 inc. VAT per minute must be observed
  • The maximum customer caller rate per call is limited with 30 ? incl. VAT

If some contractor wants to offer a higher customer rate than 2,00 ? incl. VAT, he has to take the 118xy number range which may be used exclusively for information services.

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